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How do I enable file attachments

Date Added: 12th Mar 15 11:35:53

File attachments / uploads

File attachments can be enabled to allow users and agents to upload files when creating a ticket or updating a ticket. 

Settings within file attachments allow you to set the maximum number of files allowed per ticket, the maximum file size per file and the file types allowed / restricted.

To enable or disable file attachments follow the steps below

1.Log into your admin

2.Click on the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of the screen

3.Go to Settings > Tickets

4.Tick or untick Allow file attachments to enable or disable file attachments

5.Enter the Number of file attachments allowed e.g. 3

6.Enter the Relative path for you file attachments. E.g.  ../file_uploads/

FTP to your server and ensure the file attachments folder is set to CHMOD 744

7.Enter the Maximum file size for each file in megabytes (MB)

8.Enter the File types allowed separated by a comma. E.g. doc, docx, txt, rft, txt

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