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How do I submit and update tickets by email

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Submitting tickets and updates by email

Emails from customers can be used to submit and update tickets from one or mulltiple email addresses. For Acorn Aid to capture emails an email account needs to be added to Inbound Email in Settings.

Adding an email account

  1. Log into your admin interface e.g.
  2. Click on the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Go to Settings > Inbound Email
  4. Click Add Account
  5. Enter your email account settings. An example can be seen below.
    Email Address -
    Host Address -
    Port Number - 993
    Protocal - IMAP
    SSL - Yes / No
    TLS - Yes / No
    Validate Certificate - Yes / No / N/A
    Account Folder - Inbox
    Account Username -
    Account Password - password
  6. Select the Group to be associated with this email account
  7. Select the Priority of the emails sent to this email account.
  8. Click Submit


Testing your email account connection

To ensure Acorn Aid can establish a connection with your email account try testing the connection.

  1. Click on Menu
  2. Click on Settings > Inbound emails
  3. Click the lab beaker button beside the email account to be tested

If the connection is successful you will see a message saying Connection SuccessfulYou can now either manually or automatically submit or update tickets by email. See below for further detail.

If the connection fails or times out you will see the message Connection Failed. Check Account SettingsClick the edit button to change your settings or contact your email account provider.


Testing submitting and updating tickets manually

With an email account setup and a connection successfully established you can manually test submitting and updating tickets. 

Enable manual retrieval and test submitting a ticket by email.

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top right hand corner of the screen
  2. Click Settings > Inbound emails
  3. Tick Allow manual retrieval of inbound emails to enable
  4. Send an email to your configured email account e.g.
  5. Click Menu
  6. Click Tickets
  7. Click Get Emails

Your email will now be a ticket and if email notifications are enabled an email notification including the ticket details will returned to the sender.

Testing updating a ticket by email

Important! For tickets to be updated by email the ticket ID must be included in the subject of the email. See Setting email notifications and content for further advice.

  1. Reply to a email notification or update
  2. Send reply to your configured email account
  3. Click Get Emails in Tickets

Your reply will now update the ticket ID included within the subject header.


Submit and update tickets automatically (Cron Job)

Cron Jobs can be used to automatically submit and update tickets sent to your configured email accounts in Inbound Emails.

Cron Jobs are available within your web host provider.

Setting up a cron job

  1. Locate Cron Jobs within your host
  2. Select the frequency you want emails to be submitted and updated as tickets
    E.g. Every 5 minutes would be */5****
  3. In Command enter the URL of cron-email.php
    E.g. wget -O /dev/null -q
  4. Add the Cron Job

Send emails to your configured email account to test the cron job is successfully running and submitting and updating tickets by email.

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